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Collection: 2.Billie Eilish

There’s no listening to the radio in 2022 without hearing a song by this artist. Billie Eilish might just be one of the most popular and trending musicians of the year. At the mere age of just 20 years-old, the young starlet has achieved more than most historic singers can brag about.with hit singles like Bad Guy and All the Good Girls Go to Hell, Billie has already earned seven Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two Guinness World Records, three MTV Video Music Awards, and three Brit Awards. In 2020, she was granted the opportunity to release the soundtrack for the James Bond movie, No Time to Die.Billie generally keeps her personal life private, however she has been open about having Tourette syndrome. She’s also a huge fan of Justin Bieber, but who isn’t?Net Worth: $30 Million
Twitter Followers: 7 Million
Instagram Followers: 105 Million
Did You Know? Billie has been writing music since she was 11 years-old!

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